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A relaxing or energising massage is an ultimate journey with positive effects on physical, psychological, emotional and energetic levels.

  • It promotes health and well-being, relieves stress, revitalises the skin and relieves stress points.
  • It has effects on tendons, muscle and nerve relaxation, blood circulation and the lymphatic system, assimilation and digestion of food, elimination of toxins, functioning of vital organs and sensory awakening.

There is no medical or therapeutic approach to our massages; they are primarily a pause from every day stress. The massages offered by LuxEden therefore do not substitute the work of physiotherapists.

Please specify any possible contra-indications that you may have. In the case of serious diseases of the skin, bones or joints, or even inflammatory diseases, it is necessary to have a medical opinion certifying that massage is not contra-indicated.

From an ethical point of view no services other than our massages are offered.

Our massages are practiced in a healthy and harmonious framework and without ambiguity.