LuxEden Beauty Salon massages

Renew your energy

  • Massage    (30mn - 45€)

    A 30 minutes massage for hurry people.

  • Thai massage with oil    (60mn - 85€)

    Originally from Thailand, body massage with oils. Body and mind relaxation guaranteed.

  • Chinese massage Tui-Na    (60mn - 85€)

    Originally from China, the moves and techniques take into account the meridians and acupuncture points of the body.
    More than a simple relaxation it will contribute to increasing your longevity.

  • Californian massage    (60mn - 85€)

    Soft and relaxing, this massage uses long slow and fluid movements which allow one profound physical and psychic relaxation.

  • Draining massage    (60mn - 85€)

    Toning and draining massage for legs, thighs, hips. Contributes little by little to an effective elimination
    of excess fat and water. More than just a simple relaxing massage, it is a valuable aid to regain body confidence.

  • Massage for pregnant woman*    (60mn - 85€)

    A massage to physically and psychologically relax.
    Source of comfort and well-being, a specific massage that meets the needs of mothers to be.

    *Please ask your doctor for a medical certificate prior to this massage.
    *This massage cannot be carried out during the first trimester of your pregnancy.

  • Ayurvedic massage    (90mn - 120€)

    Originally from India, this is the full body massage by excellence, beginning with the head and ending with the face,
    and in between the whole body. A massage particularly for busy and stressed people.

  • Couple massage    (60mn - 155€)

    Take advantage of the benefits of a tandem massage.

Please read contraindications