Face care men

Phytomer "Ocean, Science and beauty"

  • Moisturizing    (1h10 - 75€)

A treatment perfectly balances effective moisturizing and intense relaxation. Confort, brightness, rested skin.

  • Wrinkle correction firming treatment    (1h10 - 85€)

High-performance treatment to resurface the skin, fill wrinkles and restructure the face.

  • Brightening radiance     (1h10 - 85€)

An immediate burst of radiance, brightening of the complexion.

Complementary modules

  • Relaxing back massage    (15mn - 22€)

A complete back massage for an intense relaxation, completes all face care.

  • Eye contour    (20 mn - 22€)

A short treatment that refreshes eyes. It can be easly included in a face care.

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